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Front Office

Integration and management of digital information is vital for making organizations more responsive, more productive and more profitable. Front Office is a web-based business solutions software to efficiently manage all your clients' interaction, right from inquiry generation to delivery of the products. The product includes Purchase Orders Management along with generation of Invoices in pdf. With an extremely user-friendly Graphical User Friendly Interface Front Office contains an integrated module of Document Management System, which makes viewing of the company's products, purchase orders and invoices easy. Purchase Orders and Invoices are updated date wise, hence searching for them becomes very handy.

Features of Front Office


Add / Edit / Delete Users
Secured username and password to all user
Add / Edit Company Details
Add / Edit / Delete Products
Upload product drawings
View Product details
Search for products
Get order dispatched confirmation details

Clients Management:

Add / Edit / Delete Clients
Search for existing clients
Email all Clients together
Email particular Client
Timely reminder for products to be dispatched

Inquiry Management:

Add new inquiries
Manage Inquiries online
Search for inquiries
Search inquiries by status
Regularly update client follow-ups
Place Order facility
Terminate Order facility

Purchase Order Management:

Add new Purchase Orders
Permission to process all orders can be set
Generate Purchase Orders online
View Purchase Orders details
Convert Purchase Orders into pdf

Invoice Management:

Add new Invoices
Generate Invoices online
View Invoice Details
Convert Invoices into pdf
Modify Invoicing for additional costs
Archive finalized Invoices

Client Module:

Secured username and password for each client
Client can view their inquiry details
Clients can view the status of their inquiry online
Client gets automatically updated for their inquiry
Client can send email to consigner

Document Management System:

User friendly Graphical User Interface
View all Product drawings at single place
View all client's Purchase Orders at single place
Sorted Purchase Orders makes searching handy
View all client's Invoices at single place
Sorted Invoices makes searching handy

With the help of secured username and password, each client gets updated information on the current status of their inquiry. Once the product is dispatched, the client is acknowledged about the probable date of delivery of the product. Once the product is delivered the client confirms the delivery of product through our Delivery Confirmation module.

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We will contact you within 24 business hours to discuss how Front Office can fit your business needs. Front Office is comprised of many components, all of which are customizable.


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