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Navigator is an intranet based software build specially for students to share and manage their assignments online. With secured login and password, each student can upload and download their daily assignments independently. Navigator delivers a comprehensive all in one approach for managing student's assignments online.

Features of Navigator

Simple to install and maintain
Monitor student activity (24x7)
Transaction logging
User friendly Graphical User Interface
A separate and secured login id and password for every student
Free web space for every student
Each student gets a folder with his/her own name
Administrator can monitor each student's activity
Built on Robust, scalable two tier Client Server architecture
Concurrency is the ability of a system to serve multiple requests to the same resources at the same time. Concurrent access by students is ensured
The project follows two-tier Client Server architecture. In this architectural style, the Client machine runs the user interface. The Sever machine has the capability of providing services to more than one Client at the same time
Client machine requires no additional software
Unlimited users

Navigator is developed using a two-tier Client Server architecture where the Client machine runs the user interface (browser) and the Server machine has the capability of providing services to more than one Client at the same time. Two-tier Client Server architecture assures the scalability, reliability and robustness of the system.

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