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Vessel Plan Viewer

Vessel Plan Viewer is a robust Document Management Software built specially for Shipping Industries. This software is built keeping in mind the complexity involved in viewing a large number of ship's principal plans. Vessel Plan Viewer's smooth and easy navigation of documents is an answer for the inconvenience involved over uploading, downloading and viewing a ship's plan.

Features of Vessel Plan Viewer

Intuitive Graphical User Interface
Classification of plans made easy
Categories and organize your plans
No end-user training required
View all ship plans and other documents at single place
Access and retrieve plans, no matter where you are
Search and find your plans in milliseconds
Information at your fingertip
Easy interface to upload your ship plans
Centralization of all your plans
Online Document Library
Easy to use
No distributed software required
Fully customized solutions
Easy implementation to any website

Maniks Software's Vessel Plan Viewer captures, organizes, and stores documents in a centralized repository and displays personalized content to users. Documents are stored in a hierarchical structure which makes searching easy and fast.

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We will contact you within 24 business hours to discuss how our Vessel Plan Viewer can fit your business needs. Vessel Plan Viewer is comprised of many components, all of which are customizable.


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